At the heart of an SPM condition monitoring solution is the powerful Condmaster® Ruby software, containing the expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition.

Condmaster software

Condmaster Ruby comes with a set of powerful features such as:

The Graphical Overview enables the visualization of plant equipment and mechanical condition in a very intuitive, top-down perspective. The use of condition summaries and color zones, indicating operating condition in green-yellow-red, provides a quick and very effective overview of machine condition at various levels, from the entire plant all the way down to individual measuring points.

Condition View - a powerful tool for presentation and further analysis with multiple graph types and measuring assignments combined in a single window, thus effectively providing a comprehensive view of machine condition.

Colored Spectrum Overview for a historical overview of thousands of spectrums over a longer period of time.

The Customized Reports function makes it possible for advanced users to design reports according to personal preferences by creating and customizing scripts that generate the desired output.

Condition Manager for flexible alarm configuration, where alarm limits automatically adapt to the conditions under which the machine is run at any given time.

Measuring Point Imaging connects images or photographs to measuring points, and can be displayed in various parts of Condmaster, e.g the Alarm list, Graphic Evaluation, Colored Spectrum Overview, etc.

Support for  vector graphics is a major time saving feature that radically facilitates the definition of color zones in the Graphical Overview. Further advantages of vector graphics are the ability to rescale the image to any size without loss of quality, and the significantly smaller file size.

The function Highlighted Measuring Points highlights measuring points of particular interest in a separate window, making it easy to keep an extra watchful eye on them.

Spectrum enhancement provides opportunity to filter out unwanted signals in order to obtain a clearer view of the relevant signals.

Publishing of trends and alarms on the Internet enable users to view trends and alarms via most mobile devices (such as smartphone, tablet and computer) without access to Condmaster.

Plant Performer is a statistics module enabling in-depth follow-up of technical and economic KPIs.

Support for condition monitoring with HD technologies provides extremely long prewarning times. HD ENV® takes vibration enveloping to a whole new level and is an ideal complement to conventional vibration techniques. SPM HD® is used for fast, easy and reliable diagnosis of the operating and lubrication condition of rolling element bearings.

HD Order tracking algorithms produce spectrum with exceptional detail and without smearing problems (available for Leonova Diamond®, Leonova Emerald® and the Intellinova® online system).

... and much more. Contact your nearest sales representative today to learn more about all your analysis options with the Condmaster software.