Platform functions

The platform includes the measuring techniques HDm/HDc, Vib ISO 2372, two user defined measurements (data input as analog voltage or current, or manual), RPM measurement and temperature measurement, all for unlimited use. It also includes Measuring Point Imaging and has the capacity to play back voice recordings.

Function & Use

All additions to the platform functions are ordered separately, for either unlimited or limited use. Modules can be bought at any time as update files.

Limited use (for Leonova Diamond only) implies that credits are deducted each time the function is used in the measuring instrument. For online system Intellinova, limited use is time based. Part of your investment can thus be turned into operating costs by buying “measuring credits” instead of paying for an unlimited program.

The software is module built. It can be tailored, in performance and price, to your selected hardware and technical requirements.

Additional functions

Shock pulse monitoring
  • HDm/HDc
  • dBm/dBc
  • LR/HR with Lubmaster
  • SPM Spectrum™
  • SPM HD Expert
  • Colored Spectrum Overview
Online monitoring
  • Intellinova
  • Web and e-mail alarms
  • SAP and AMOS link
  • Rule Based Evaluation
  • Plant Performer
Vibration monitoring
  • Vibration ISO 10816, 2372
  • FFT with symptoms
  • EVAM incl. Condition Manager
  • HD ENV
  • 2 channel simultaneous vibration measurement
  • 3 channel simultaneous vibration measurement (Leonova Diamond®)
  • Run up/Coast down, Bump test and FRF
  • Orbit analysis and Shaft Centerline Plot
  • 12800 lines, 40 kHz
  • 25600 lines, 40 kHz (Leonova Diamond®)
  • HD Order tracking