Condmaster Ruby Training

City Country Reference Date
Perth Australia Taught in English November 13-14, 2023

Prepare to unleash the complete potential of Condmaster Ruby and elevate your data analysis endeavours to unprecedented levels. Do not miss out!

Come and participate in our training workshop, during which we will acquaint you with the software and explore its more advanced capabilities. This session is customized for individuals familiar with online systems, with specific functions that also extend to handheld devices.

Throughout the training course, we will:

  • Experience the potential of condition triggers, global values, and Entity rules for online systems.
  • Learn about Condmaster Ruby's full potential and elevate your data analysis capabilities.
  • Discover the REST API (Application Programming Interface) data integration tool.
The event will be at the HYATT Regnecy Perth. 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA.

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