Leonova Diamond Aligner is a system for quick and reliable shaft alignment*. It is suitable for most combinations of machinery and coupled or uncoupled shafts.

Efficient and user-friendly shaft alignment

Leonova Diamond Aligner performs alignment calculations for horizontal as well as vertical or flange-mounted machines. Soft foot check, thermal growth compensation and tolerance checks are built-in. The ‘Feet lock’ function automatically provides alternative alignment corrections, making the alignment procedure quick and easy.

The Leonova Diamond Aligner instrument has a 4,3” TFT-LCD backlit color display with a user-friendly graphical interface which guides the user through the entire alignment procedure. Automatic calculations and instant correction and alignment data result in a perfect shaft alignment. The system works with standard and user defined tolerance levels. A powerful ARM 400 MHz processor enables very short calculation times.

Measurement results are easily saved as user-named files, and alignment reports are generated in standard format for documentation and printing. The heavy-duty Leonova Diamond Aligner instrument is rated IP65 and drop tested to 1 meter.

Leonova Diamond Aligner includes the LineLazer kit with alignment sensors, brackets, chains, rods, Bluetooth dongle, battery charger, charger cables and a measuring tape, all in an IP67 carrying case.

* The instrument is a special version of Leonova Diamond, dedicated exclusively to precision shaft alignment.