Leonova Diamond

Leonova Diamond® is an advanced and powerful data analyzer for high-efficiency measuring routes in rough industrial surroundings.

Leonova Emerald

The handheld data collector Leonova Emerald® is the ultimate frontline tool for maintenance engineers and technicians.

Shock pulse measurement with BearingChecker

BearingChecker is a user-friendly tool for reliable first-line assessment of bearing and lubrication condition in rolling element bearings.

Vibration monitoring with VibChecker

Designed for quick and accurate vibration checks on-site, VibChecker covers the basic vibration monitoring needs for most rotating machinery.

Electronic stethoscope

With excellent sensitivity and sound quality, our electronic stethoscope helps pinpoint the source of mechanical noise in all types of machinery.


The digital stroboscope is ideal for non-contact measurement of rotational speed and observation of fast, repetitive motion.


We offer a range of practical and robust accessories to complement your measuring equipment and make your daily work easier.