Case studies

Gear damage in a multistage cement mill gearbox

This case study involves gearbox damage caused by contaminated oil in a cement mill at the Natal Portland Cement plant in South Africa.

Airius wireless sensors detect fan imbalance at packaging plant

In this case study, Airius wireless vibration sensors detected a fan imbalance condition on a waste fan in a plant producing specialist packaging products.

Early warning of bearing fault in extruder gear pump

Gear pumps are a vital component in extrusion polymer and plastics industries to maintain the steady flow and homogeneous material required for high-quality extruded products. This case study from an extruder application demonstrates the advantages of a multi-technique approach to provide maximum prewarning time on this critical piece of equipment.

Airius wireless sensor trial: Monitoring scrubber fan condition

This case study involves a trial using the Airius wireless vibration sensor on a scrubber fan in the food and beverage industry.

Bearing cage failure in a wire rolling mill

Thanks to its online condition monitoring system, the Austrian steel wire manufacturer averted what could have resulted in significant production stoppage in the nick of time.

Bearing damage in 30 RPM screw pumps

Following successful results with condition monitoring using portable instrumentation from SPM on RBC bearings, British public utility company Severn Trent sought to expand their condition monitoring program to include rotary screw pumps, which had long been a troublesome asset.

Gear damage in low-RPM pinion drive detected with Airius wireless sensors

Prominent non-ferrous metals company Aurubis Bulgaria AD utilized Airius wireless vibration sensors to detect damage in a ball mill's pinion drive gear.

Bearing damage in ball mill gearbox

This case study from the Agropolychim AD chemical plant in Bulgaria showcases the effectiveness of the HD ENV vibration monitoring technology, which detected bearing damage in a gearbox in a production-critical ball mill.

Dynamic balancing of AHU fan

Rotor mass imbalance is a common cause of excessive vibration in rotating equipment and fans, and the benefits of rotor balancing are undisputed. Decreasing the level of noise and vibration in the machine, it can extend bearing life and increase equipment availability. This case study is an example of the successful balancing of an air handling unit (AHU) fan in the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore.

Electric current passage in a gearbox bearing

This case study deals with a gearbox bearing failure in a tire manufacturing plant. It involves RPM measurement troubleshooting and also demonstrates atypical differences in prewarning times between the measuring techniques used.

Reciprocating compressor failure

In this case study from a chemicals and fiber company in Taiwan, a reciprocating compressor failed due to carbon residue on the piston rods.

Bearing monitoring of pulp washer with SPM HD

The pulp washer, or wash press, is a critical piece of equipment in pulp production. As such, it is a prime target for online condition monitoring. When Norwegian pulp mill FollaCell AS equipped three pulp washers with the Intellinova Compact online system some time ago, it was not long before the system detected developing bearing damage.

Outer race damage on 4-7 RPM bearings

At Swedish biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker, the Intellinova Compact online system monitors the mechanical condition of two drying machines and one wash press. This case study recounts two separate occasions of severe bearing damage on the wash press.

Rolling element damage in charging crane

Aiming to improve equipment reliability, a Russian steelworks initiated a pilot project where the Intellinova online system was installed to monitor the mechanical condition of a production-critical charging crane.

Condition monitoring on low-speed bearings in the water industry

Rotating biological contactors (RBCs) play a vital part in the wastewater treatment process in British utility company Severn Trent Water's remote locations. This case study involves pilot measurements with handheld instrumentation on the main RBC bearings at some of the company's facilities.

Early-stage bearing damage in crowd drive

In this case study, a Chilean mining maintenance contractor used HD condition monitoring technology to measure the mechanical condition of crowd drive bearings and gears in an electric rope shovel and discovered early-stage damage on the outer ring and rolling elements of a brand new bearing.

Condition monitoring of refiner bearings

Norwegian pulp mill MMK FollaCell AS monitors critical equipment with the Intellova Compact online system. This case study describes three individual bearing damages found in two refiners.

Detecting lack of lubrication with the Airius wireless vibration sensor

Lack of lubrication is a major cause of bearing damage and bearing failure. Therefore, it is critical for vibration sensors to be able to detect the higher-frequency vibration resulting from a lack of lubrication – typically well above 1 kHz.

Bearing cage damage in vertical roller mill

This case study deals with the detection of a damaged bearing cage in a gearbox driving a vertical roller mill in the Hoang Mai cement plant in Vietnam.

Gear damage on rotary kiln

This case study describes the detection of gear damage on an output shaft, detected during a capacity test involving a speed increase.

Assembly line drives in the automotive industry

This case study describes the online condition monitoring of production-critical assembly line drives in the plant of a major UK car manufacturer.

Pinion bearing damage in ball mill

Using HD measurement technologies, Bulgarian copper producer Asarel Medet AD monitors the mechanical condition of critical equipment in the open-pit mine and flotation plant. This case study deals with the successful detection of outer race damage on a ball mill pinion bearing.

Bearing damage on press roll

At Romanian paper mill Vrancart S.A., the online system Intellinova Compact with HD condition monitoring technology is installed to monitor the press section of paper machine K25. This case study involves the detection of bearing damage on one of the press rolls, showing the development of the damage over a period of about six weeks.

Condition monitoring on ball mill

Using the handheld instrument Leonova Emerald and DuoTech accelerometers, Norwegian mining company Rana Gruber monitors the mechanical condition of the production-critical ball mill in this case study.

Multistage gearbox failure

Part of a comprehensive project investigating and determining best practices for gearbox monitoring with HD technology, this case study involves condition monitoring of a multi-stage gearbox in a pulp mill.

Online monitoring on rotary calciner

This materials processing plant replaced its previous vibration monitoring system on the low-speed calciner drum with the online system Intellinova Compact after a test installation involving SPM HD measurements had proven successful.

HD Technologies on couch roll

This case study shows comparative measurements between SPM HD and HD ENV on a couch roll bearing in paper machine K25 at Romanian paper mill Vrancart S.A. Adjud.

Outer race damage in Chemi-Washer

This case study from Bulgarian pulp mill Svilocell is about the detection of a bearing damage through route-based condition monitoring on a Chemi-Washer, using the portable data analyzer Leonova Diamond.

Online monitoring of autogenous mill

In this case study from Bulgarian copper producer Aurubis, the SPM HD shock pulse technology is used to monitor the pinion shaft bearings of a production-critical autogenous mill in the flotation plant.

Ultra-long forewarning on drying drum

An international chemical company in Finland has monitored the condition of low-speed drying drums since 2012 using HD technology. This case study describes the detection of a bearing damage whose development was monitored over the course of three years.

Wash press monitoring with SPM HD

This case study describes test measurements performed on an 8 RPM wash press in the bleaching plant at Zellstoff Pöls AG in Austria using the SPM HD method.

HD technologies on ball mill at Orcem

Dutch cement producer Orcem implements HD Technologies to monitor the mechanical condition of a ball mill, which is a critical part of the milling process in cement manufacturing. In many cases, the entire process can be severely limited or completely stopped if the ball mill ceases to operate. Close observation of mill equipment condition is thus essential.

Jaw crusher monitoring with SPM HD

Mining operations include a number of critical applications that may cause severe disruptions in the production process in case of malfunctions. One such piece of equipment is the jaw crusher.

Low-speed bearing monitoring on low-pressure feeder

This case study deals with the implementation of condition monitoring on a low-pressure feeder in one of Sweden’s biggest pulp mills, Södra Cell Mönsterås.

SSAB: bearing condition on continuous casting line

SSAB, Swedish steel manufacturer of hot and cold reduced strip, recently has equipped its Continuous casting line 5 with online condition monitoring using Intellinova Compact and the SPM HD measuring technique.

Vibration monitoring on paper machine calender

Swedish paper mill Stora Enso Kvarnsveden applies vibration monitoring on the PM8 super calender to optimize its operation and extend the service life of the rollers.

Online condition monitoring on Boliden mine hoist

At the Renström mine in northern Sweden, Boliden monitors the mechanical condition of the multi-rope friction hoist using a combination of vibration and high definition shock pulse measurement.

Low-speed autogenous mill at Boliden mine

On an autogenous mill in Garpenberg, Sweden the Intellinova online system monitors the condition of the motors and gearboxes using vibration measurement in combination with SPM HD.

SPM HD on low speed machinery in paper production

Ortviken Paper Mill in Sweden, owned by SCA, produces coated publication papers, LWC and newsprint on four paper machines with an annual production capacity of 850.000 tons. For Ortviken, the SPM HD® measuring technique is the solution to years of problems with bearing-related breakdowns on low-RPM machinery like the twin wire presses, which are used for dewatering of the pulp.

Hallsta Paper Mill measures bearing condition with SPM HD

"Since April 2009, we have been engaged in a project together with SPM, where we have measured bearing condition on four of our twin wire presses with SPM HD® measuring technique. To maintain pulp quality, it is essential that these presses work properly. Any breakdowns also lead to major costs for damaged rolls."

Online condition monitoring on a coal-conveyor

In Amarillo, Texas, USA, energy-services provider Savage is successfully employing state-of-the-art online condition monitoring on a coal-conveyor system to help eliminate concern of equipment failure and ensure safe and uninterrupted supply of fuel to Xcel Energy’s Harrington Generating Station.

Online monitoring in Swedish wind farm Slitevind

Slitevind AB wanted to install a system that could prevent the high cost of replacement of damaged gears in the wind farm.