Intellinova Parallel EN Ex

Intellinova Parallel EN Ex is an advanced online system for continuous monitoring of machine condition in potentially explosive environments. Industries such as oil and gas, offshore, petrochemical, and sugar plants are a few examples where Intellinova Parallel EN Ex is the ideal condition monitoring solution.

Supreme condition monitoring efficiency

Intellinova Parallel EN Ex continuously monitors your critical equipment, capturing relevant events without delay. Sixteen synchronous channels for vibration and/or shock pulse measurement with the DuoTech accelerometer and eight RPM channels can be used for data acquisition on machinery with complex drives, even under variable operating conditions.

The system tracks and manages changes in process and operating conditions, providing a reliable snapshot of equipment condition for entire machines. Measurement assignments can be set up to trigger individual channels or multiple system units in parallel and synchronously. The Condmaster Ruby diagnostic and analysis software offers user-defined filter settings, live spectrums, and live views of the state of all connected units.

Implementing HD condition monitoring technologies, the online condition monitoring system is the ideal choice for industries where demands are high. It is also well suited for low-speed applications (from below 0.1 RPM), such as

  • agitators
  • crushers
  • conveyors.

Advanced functionality makes the system perfect where short process cycles make measurement time-critical, such as railcar dumpers or lifting and hoisting equipment like cranes. It is also suitable for more straightforward applications like motors, pumps, and fans.

Ex logotype (for use in potentially explosive atmosphere)


Flammable gases and combustible dust are found in a wide variety of contexts. Intellinova Parallel EN Ex is ATEX and IECEx certified for safe installation and use in areas with risk of gas or dust explosion.


Intellinova Parallel EN Ex combines the most sophisticated measuring and visualization technologies available to ensure that even the most complex machines are monitored effectively.


With parallel and synchronous condition measurement on up to sixteen channels, the system is a perfect fit where short process cycles make condition measurement time-critical.
Gears and bearings in steel gray


Intellinova® Parallel EN is a high-performance online system, perfectly suited for condition monitoring of industrial equipment with high availability demands. This robust monitoring unit is designed to manage demanding industrial environments and complex operating conditions in all industries.

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Measurement technologies

Intellinova Parallel EN Ex implements the most sophisticated and efficient technologies available for monitoring vibration levels, bearing condition, and lubrication effectiveness:

  • HD ENV, high-definition vibration enveloping technology for detection of early-stage gear and bearing faults providing crystal clear spectrums and time signals
  • SPM HD, high-definition shock pulse monitoring technology for measurement with supreme signal-to-noise performance and very high resolution
  • SPM LR/HR HD, shock pulse measurement method
  • Broadband vibration measurement according to ISO 2372 or ISO 10816
  • FFT with machine fault symptom evaluation
  • User-defined measurements via analog inputs or OPC, for example, pressure, flow, and load.

Industrial versatility

This robust system is designed to manage demanding industrial Ex Environments.

Technical overview

Intellinova® Parallel EN Ex is a high-performance online condition monitoring system, perfectly suited for condition monitoring of industrial equipment in potentially explosive environments. The system is complete with

  • cabinet
  • system unit
  • cable glands
  • power supply.

In order to obtain a complete Ex system, Ex interfaces for transducers located in Ex gas Zones 0, 1 or 2, or Ex dust Zones 20, 21, 22 must be used.

Ex marking

II 3 (1) G Ex nR [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc
II 3 (1) D Ex tc [ia Da] IIIC T85°C Dc
Ta: -20 to +60°C

Technical specifications

Properties INSEN8 Ex INSEN16 Ex
Stainless steel enclosure, IP66 400x400x210 mm (15.7x15.7x8.3 in) 600x600x210 mm (23.6x23.6x8.3 in)
Measuring channels
(parallel, for shock pulse or vibration measurement)
8 16
Analog inputs 2 4
RPM inputs (parallel) 4 8
Digital inputs/outputs 2/2 4/4