Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is highly asset-heavy, and the upkeep of facilities is of vital importance. At the same time, the nature of these industries is associated with hazards related to the raw materials themselves. Condition monitoring in these industries is not only about maximizing production but also about ensuring safety and reliability – something that SPM Instrument has been doing for years.

Condition monitoring solutions for oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is a heavy industry where condition monitoring equipment must survive mechanical and environmental forces. The SPM product range includes portable instruments, online systems, and accessories specifically suited for shock pulse monitoring of rotating machinery and vibration monitoring equipment for detecting, for example, misalignment, gear problems, and balancing problems. The SPM HD® measuring technique can be used with benefit. SPM HD uses RPM-based sampling frequency and algorithmic correlation techniques to ensure the highest possible signal quality razor-sharp spectrums for analysis.

We also offer ATEX-compliant equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Portable instrumentation

Our range of handheld instrumentation includes equipment for shock pulse measurement, vibration severity measurement, and vibration spectrum analysis.

Intellinova online systems

With Intellinova, our unique HD condition-monitoring technologies can be fully utilized to successfully provide earlier warning of mechanical problems than any other monitoring technology.

Condition monitoring in explosive environments

Our high-performance portable and online equipment are also available for potentially explosive environments.

HD Technologies

High-definition condition monitoring technologies provide exceptional pre-warning times, maximizing the planning horizon for maintenance and repairs. In turn, this enables fully utilizing asset life, cutting repair costs, and minimizing the consequences of unplanned downtime.