Ethics and Integrity

SPM Instrument and our subsidiaries strive for a transparent business environment, following a set of clear guidelines to be profitable without exceeding or violating any ethical and moral codes, our corporate policies, or committing any crimes. Our focus is on building long-term business relationships through cooperation, environmental consideration, and a deep commitment to being a positive and ethical force.

At SPM Instrument, how we do things is just as important as what we do. Of course, we want to be the best in our industry but not at any cost. We want to create a workplace where each employee achieves the highest business and personal standards, where everyone feels proud of our company and their contribution to it, and where associates and other stakeholders feel safe with the job that we're doing.

SPM is a team with core values: Accountable, Customer-focused, and Team-driven. These values guide how we work every day. We bring these values to life in how we perform, giving our best effort every day. We are accountable for what we do, delivering on our commitments to each other and our customers, setting objectives, meeting our goals, and working together to achieve business results. A core objective of our company is creating a winning and inclusive culture that drives results.

Health, Safety, and the Environment

Our responsibilities toward our employees, customers, and the world around us form an integral part of our business.

  • We are committed to the wellbeing and safety of our employees and have a vision zero on work-related injuries. We believe in personal responsibility to help avoid and prevent damages, environmental incidents, and health hazards and invite everyone related to our business to be part of our HSE efforts.
  • Compliance with laws is only a minimum requirement. We aim to go beyond the necessary to secure a safe and healthy working environment because necessary is not enough for the health and safety of our employees and the people around us.
  • We are committed to our customers and continuously work to meet and exceed their expectations. We develop products not only with our customers' needs in mind but also their safety and the wellbeing of their employees and associates. We recognize that we are part of a safety chain that we do not intend to break.
  • Our business decisions are underlined by focusing on developing products, processes, and services in line with our HSE policy. We continuously improve our processes with efficiency, quality, and safety perspectives while taking risks and opportunities into account. Our HSE work never ends.
  • We conduct business aiming forward toward coming generations. SPM is a family business with family values. We want to preserve the environment by minimizing or eliminating the environmental impact from our processes and being responsible corporate citizens.

Code of conduct

The global presence of SPM Instrument raises high demands on our staff and business partners to assume responsibility for themselves and each other. Therefore, we have established a set of regulations constituting our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a tool that helps navigate complex situations by providing clear expectations on our behavior. We shall stand for good business ethics in all business deals, unquestionable by customers, suppliers, employees, potential employees, and other associates to our business.

Raise a concern

Despite the efforts of so many, sometimes things happen that never should, be it bullying, discrimination, fraudulent or corrupt behaviors, breaches of our code of conduct and other corporate policies, or environmental or regulatory violations.

Should you wish to report any experienced or suspected misconduct involving SPM Instrument, any of our employees, or associates, our reporting channel gives you a chance to do so and be taken seriously. A report received via the reporting channel is processed by an independent party that is part of our protection committee and is processed with all reasonable confidentiality vis-à-vis the rest of the company. You can be completely safe leaving your report, you are protected against any form of retaliation from raising your concern, and you can choose to be anonymous.

Report via e-mail:

Report by mail: SPM Instrument, Box 504, 645 25, Strängnäs, SWEDEN. Mark the envelope "Whistleblower".