Condmaster.NET is an easy-to-use, web-based solution for evaluation of measurement results from the Airius wireless vibration sensor.

Supporting all web browsers, Condmaster.NET provides access to measurement data via all devices, e.g., computers, tablets, and smartphones. The solution is currently available as a cloud service, whereby users log onto Condmaster.NET to view spectrums, time signals, trends, and alarms, all based on data residing in SPM Cloud – a perfect way to initiate a brand new condition monitoring program, or make your current one even easier to use!

Connectivity doesn't have to be complicated

Condmaster.NET allows users to create components and measuring points, as well as to set up vibration and temperature measurements. The Dashboard provides an overview of the current condition status of all measuring point, alarms, and any issues on component and measuring point level.

The Condmaster.NET service is hosted via Microsoft Azure, a secure server with very high availability, enabling access to measurement data from anywhere in the world.

Want to know more about Condmaster.NET?

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Condmaster.NET with Airius is the perfect, flexible solution for the connected factory.


  • Web-based data visualization supporting the Airius sensor.
  • The dashboard presents an overview of your plant, making condition monitoring data accessible to all levels of operators.
  • Makes condition monitoring data accessible from the most simple, everyday devices.
  • Includes all you need for a stand-alone condition monitoring program: spectrums, time signals, trends, and alarms.
  • Create components and measuring points, and set up vibration and temperature measurements.
  • Save your data in SPM Cloud (hosted via Microsoft Azure) - no need to worry about server space or large data sets.