Large corrugated board rolls in a clean, industrial environment

Fosber chooses Intellinova Parallel EN for condition monitoring of corrugator production lines

Fosber is a leading global supplier that designs, constructs, and installs complete lines and individual machine units to produce corrugated board packaging. Founded in Lucca, Tuscany, in 1978, the Fosber Group supplies complete corrugators and major machine upgrades worldwide through its Italian headquarters and strategically located subsidiaries in the USA and China.

Fosber's powerful supervision tool Pro/Care continuously captures actual production, process, and machinery data in real-time. This allows the tool to intelligently and scientifically manage maintenance and technical support, as well as provide pre-emptive diagnostics and unprecedented data analysis.

Based on the actual captured production data and usage of the corrugator, Pro/Care identifies, plans, and instructs which pending maintenance tasks need to be carried out and when.

With SPM's Intellinova Parallel EN online system, Condmaster Ruby analysis software, and DuoTech accelerometers, the Pro/Care CMD (Corrugator Machine Diagnostics) module constantly monitors all the main motors and their associated kinematic chains, simultaneously cross-referencing this data with the actual running conditions and type of production on the corrugator.

The system establishes a self-learning correlation matrix between the measured current consumption of all the kinematic chains against the actual parameters of the running corrugator. This provides real-time diagnostic analysis as it can instantly identify any anomalies.

SPM Instrument Italy played a key role in this challenge, assisting Fosber in configuring Condmaster Ruby and integrating vibration measuring results into Pro/Care. SPM is proud to contribute to the continuous evolution and innovation of Fosber's supervision system.