Aerial view of Perstorp industrial park with Perstorp Specialty Chemicals closest.
Perstorp's industrial park. Photo: Perstorp Specialty Chemicals

Perstorp enhances reliability with Airius wireless vibration sensors

Swedish chemical manufacturer Perstorp Specialty Chemicals has made a significant investment in Airius wireless vibration sensors from SPM Instrument. The order includes Airius' Wi-Fi version that will monitor process-critical equipment at Perstorp's factories, effectively monitoring vibration-related issues, minimizing the risk of machine damage, and reducing operational costs.

In its latest condition monitoring investment from SPM, Perstorp has acquired various Airius Wi-Fi models with battery and 24-volt power supply and sensors for Ex environments. These vibration sensors are being installed progressively to monitor the mechanical condition of process-critical machinery at the factories in Perstorp. Measurement data is stored in a local server, with integration possibilities into factory systems via OPC UA and Rest API.

The Airius wireless vibration sensor offers triaxial vibration and temperature measurement in the 10-1000 Hz and 2-5000 Hz frequency ranges. The robust and reliable Wi-Fi technology enables usage in various production environments, including hard-to-access and hostile areas. Airius offers a cost-effective and efficient method of remote machine monitoring, reducing the need for manual inspections. With the shortest response times in the segment, Airius empowers maintenance managers and reliability professionals to make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs while minimizing the risk of machinery damage.

Niklas Håkansson, Maintenance Technician at Perstorp Specialty Chemicals, comments: "The investment in SPM's wireless vibration sensor marks an important step towards increased reliability and efficiency in our production facilities."

With over 130 years of experience in innovative chemistry, Perstorp Specialty Chemicals has consistently aimed to improve people's everyday lives worldwide. With 1,500 employees globally and bases in Asia, Europe, and North America, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry. Perstorp's facility in southern Sweden, operational since 1881, is one of the group's most significant production units and focuses on manufacturing polyols, specialty polyols, formates, organic acids, and formaldehyde products.

SPM's wireless machine monitoring enables a proactive approach to maintenance and is expected to have far-reaching positive effects on Perstorp Specialty Chemicals' production capacity and reliability.