The SCA Obbola liner machine. Photo: SCA Obbola.

SCA Obbola initiates Phase II in online system upgrade for linerboard machine

SPM has received an order from Swedish paper mill SCA Obbola for Phase II of an upgrade from the older online system BMS to the multifunctional Intellinova online system.

In this phase, the measuring points in the liner machine’s wire and press sections are in line to be replaced. In total, sixty-four measuring points will now be monitored for mechanical condition using the SPM HD measuring technique. The wire section is at the heart of the paper machine; this is where the sheets of paper are formed before moving on to the press section. The latter is a sensitive part of the liner machine and is often affected by mechanical disturbances. In the drying section - a closed part of the paper machine which cannot be accessed for measurement during operation other than with online systems – the upgrade to Intellinova has already been completed.

The highly flexible Intellinova online system is also installed on the wash press in the new digester plant.

In a comment on the deal, production engineer Tommy Kvist says: "The primary reason for this investment is that the old BMS system is estimated to have reached the end of its service life and the availability of spare parts and support hence is becoming limited. Moreover, we see the advantages of the new SPM HD technology in the earlier detection of bearing damage and also that it lessens the workload of our preventive maintenance technicians."

SCA Obbola has produced pulp since 1913. The mill produces kraftliner for consumer and transport packaging, largely based on fresh wood. The mill's linerboard machine is one of the widest liner machines in the world, with state-of-the-art technology for high-quality sheet formation. The annual output amounts to 435,000 tons.