Person performing alignment, holding a tablet with the LineLazer app and a machine in the background

SPM Instrument releases new version of the LineLazer app

SPM Instrument now releases an update of the LineLazer app for precision shaft alignment. Available for download from App Store and Google Play, the LineLazer app communicates with LineLazer alignment sensors to achieve precision shaft alignment in typical applications such as motor-pump assemblies.

The update includes enhanced reports functionality, enabling users to include images and comments in reports and share them from iOS and Android devices. The new version also offers enhanced ambient light filtering to reduce disturbances in the laser-based measurement process. 

The alignment workflow in the LineLazer app version 2.0 includes a soft-foot check to help the user eliminate any such issues before any alignment work starts.

Additionally, the update adds a gearbox-generator model to the 3D image library and also includes multiple further enhancements and bug fixes.

Misaligned shafts are a common root cause of machine problems such as bearing failure, coupling wear, damaged seals and shafts, increased vibration, and more. Shaft alignment can help prevent unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance and spare part costs, and lower energy consumption. From an environmental perspective, shaft alignment thus can contribute to meeting sustainability objectives.