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SPM Instrument UK announces partnership with Rotary Bearings Industrial

In a significant move towards strengthening its commitment to value creation and customer satisfaction, SPM Instrument UK proudly announces a strategic partnership with Rotary Bearings Industrial. This collaboration is poised to develop the offering of SPM condition monitoring and solution sales for machine and plant reliability in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

This partnership marks a collaborative effort between SPM Instrument UK and Rotary Bearings Industrial to develop and provide technical support, aiming to expand their customer base in condition monitoring solutions.

Rotary Bearings Industrial is situated in Northern Ireland and is the focal point for this strategic alliance. They intend to extend their support throughout Ireland in due course. Rotary Bearings Industrial seeks to pioneer integrated solutions in power transmission and consumables for the lifetime extension of rotating machines. Simultaneously, SPM Instrument UK is eager to work closely with a partner capable of expanding its customer base while upholding SPM’s quality standards.

The partnership signifies a pivotal opportunity for both companies to achieve organic growth and provide local support to enhance the offerings to SPM and Rotary Bearings customers.

The inclusion of local representation and support in Northern Ireland is a testament to the commitment of both companies to better serve their customers in the region.

Rotary Bearings Industrial, a family-owned Northern Ireland company established over 45 years ago, will play a pivotal role in this new partnership. Operating from their outlet in Belfast, Rotary Bearings Industrial services the entire region and beyond with their team of trained salespeople. Their commitment to customer service has been a key factor in their success.

Specializing in product and solution sales in the power transmission, bearings, and reliability space, Rotary Bearings Industrial is well-positioned to contribute to the success of this collaboration. This partnership represents a shared vision for growth, innovation, and excellence in condition monitoring and reliability solutions.