In the 1960s, Danish ship owner A.P. Møller´s bitter experience was that the cargo pumps of his tankers were breaking down far too often, without forewarning. An inventor and an enterprising financier decided to do something about it. The SPM method was invented and since then SPM has been present in the maritime industry.

Measurement in maritime industryAlso in the early seventies, the entire fleet of British Petroleum tankers, at that time some 80 vessels, were equipped with shock pulse meters for detecting damaged rolling element bearings before they failed. Today, our condition monitoring instrumentation is installed on board more than a thousand vessels.

The maintenance on board vessels has traditionally been based on equipment running time. High demands on environment, reliability and ship safety have made condition monitoring widely accepted also by classification societies and it is already an option for most vessels.

Knowing the condition of your machinery is crucial to avoid sudden failures and maximize equipment lifetime. Timely failure prediction and detection is vital for reducing man power and spare part inventory to increase profit.

Since our beginnings, we have continuously developed our product range to include portable instruments, online systems and accessories specifically suited for shock pulse monitoring of important rotating machines on board, like pumps, fans, turbo chargers, azipods, electrical motors etc. Vibration monitoring equipment is used on applications where other problems such as alignment, impeller problems, gear problems, balancing problems etc. occur. On slowly rotating machinery, the SPM HD® measuring technique can be used with benefit. SPM HD uses RPM based sampling frequency and algorithmic correlation techniques to ensure the highest possible signal quality and razor sharp spectrums for analysis.

Among our customers are RCCL, Stolt Nielsen, Dorchester Maritime, BW Gas ASA, Bergshav Management, Crystal Cruises, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Kvaerner Masa-Yards, Knutsen OAS Shipping, Navion AS, DSME, Samsung Heavy Industries, Teekay Shipping and Western GECO.